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Application For 30 Minute Brand Audit And Strategy Session


Claim your 100% FREE, no-obligation 30-minute brand audit ($699 value). This is only for customer-obsessed leaders who are serious about becoming THE choice for high-value customers.

Before we start, what’s your name?

Thanks, . And what's your work email?

Okay, , so I can audit your brand before our call, I’ve got a few questions.

First, what's your company called?

And what's your website?

Briefly describe your business.

Make sure to include what you sell and who you sell to.

What’s your #1 dream goal right now?

(Go all out. Include the details. The better I understand what you’re looking for, the more value I can deliver during our free, no-obligation strategy session.)

Thanks for being honest with those answers . Before we schedule a call, I want to make sure we’re a good fit…

(Almost done, I promise)

What’s your annual revenue?

Imagine you have a magic wand. If you could wave your magic wand and remove any obstacles preventing you from achieving your dream goal, what would they be?

When are you looking to solve these problems?

On a scale of 1 to 10, what number are you? (1 being “I’m okay with where I am now” and 10 being “I’ll do anything to eliminate my biggest obstacles so I can reach my dream goal.”)

Okay, , last thing…

I can only offer a limited number of these free brand audit and strategy sessions. And I want to make sure that all of the slots go to customer-focused leaders who are committed to becoming THE choice for high-value customers.

So, do you promise to show up at the time you select for your free brand audit and strategy session if you qualify?